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"Grammata" is a small cove located on the secluded northern coast of Syros Island.

Its name comes from the many etched writings (Grammata) cut into the smooth rocks of the point that juts out to the north.

These writings span over 2000 years, from the Hellenistic period to the beginning of the second millennium.

Since ancient times, Syros, in the middle of the Aegean, has been a focal point for the continuation of maritime adventure.

The bay of Grammata has never ceased to be a useful anchorage, entirely shielded not only from the north winds that often blow in the Aegean but also from the south winds, particularly in its northwestern part…and therefore a significant anchorage of innumerable mariners.

A fact is that a lot of the tribes of the Mediterranean globe traveled through this abandoned harbor of Syros in rowing boats and sailing ships throughout the years. Asia Minor, Pontians, Syrians, Carthaginians, Romans, and a plethora of other people traversed the Archipelago to move goods and passengers from one Aegean or Mediterranean port to another.

Pilgrims, travelers, traders, and pirates gathered to Grammata, sometimes only to acquire water or food, sometimes to do a carter, and sometimes to defend themselves from the “bourini” (bowline), scared in front of the Aegean Sea and the powerful natural phenomena of Cavo D’oro.

The majority of the etched writings are wishes. They feature prayers to the gods for a safe trip or gratitude for protecting them from the storm. Asclepius, the Dioskouri who held the role of Agios Nikolaos in ancient times, faces the Sun. To Serapis, but also to Isis, who spread her garment like a sail and securely piloted the ship.

Around a hundred writings have survived in the Grammata region, forming an odd assortment of names, occupations, and origins. There used to be many more, but they disappeared over time as the rocks were washed away by the wind and water. Some writings are now impossible to read.

Klon Stefanos, an anthropologist and research archaeologist from Ano Syros, was the first to discover these writings. He camped there, in the middle of the 19th century, and under adverse conditions and hardships he recorded and studied them.

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Our Grammata are in the heart of Hermoupolis!

Respectfully designed, between the stone walls of a Neoclassical building, six welcoming, comfortable, and functional, luxury apartments await you.

An “anchorage” for every tourist and traveler that visits today’s enthralling Syros…. A Cycladic island exposes the marks of human existence in the well-traveled Aegean, from ancient times to our present day, in a distinct and particular manner.

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